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The Alano Club House Rules

Business Hours Are: 7:00AM-10:00PM M &F, 7:00AM-9:00PM T,W,TH, 7:00AM-9:00PM Saturdays

7:00AM-7:00PM Sundays. Club Hours Are Subject To Change We Will Update Them As Necessary.


    A. Use of club rooms (pool room, card room, etc.)

    B. Discount menu prices

    C. Check cashing privlidges

    D. Reduced prices at function

    E. Some free functions

    F. Voting Privilege after 90 day paid membership.

2. Club rooms are open during regular business hours.

3. No shoes, no shirt, no admittance.  Proper attire is required at the Club.

4. No alcohol, drugs, or weapons allowed in the club.  Panhandling or any other solicitaion is prohibted.

5. Persons under the influence of alcohol or any controlled substances who are creating a disturbance will be ejected from teh club.  Any person creating a disturbance will be ejected from the club.

6. Offensive language is prohibited in this club.

7. Aggressive behavior, verbal or physical abuse directed at any individual on the club premise is prohibited.  Distribution of inflammatory literature or other materials is considered to be included in this catagory.

8. Children under 16 are allowed in the club from 7:00AM-9:00PM, under these conditions.

Children Shall:

    A. Remain under the direct supervision of their parents at all times.

    B. Not be permitted in the club game rooms.

    C. Be removed from the premises if creating a disturbance.

9. Check cashing:   

    A. Members in good standing (dues paid up) shall be permitted to cash checks totaling $25.00 per day.

    B. No two party checks.

    C. $15.00 service charge on all returned checks.

    D. Check Privileges are revocable for returned checks.

    E. No Post dated checks.

10. Each member has an obligation to see that the rules are carried out.

11. No proselytizing - we have NO religous affiliations.

Violation of house rules 4 through 7 will result in a minimum of 15 days suspension from the use of the Alano Club and its premises and a minimum of 90 days probation for any member, non-member, visitor, or guest who violates these rules.  Stated suspension and probation may be imposed at the discretion of any member of the Board of Directors, or the club manager.  Those suspended are barred from any activity held on club property and may be considered to be trespassers.  Notification of suspension will be confirmed by mail or e-mail.


These rules are described in detail in the clubs application for 501c3 status; with the IRS- and Lt. Gov. office.

House rules last amended at the Board of Directors Meeting: