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Section I.    The club shall hold it's semi-annual meeting for the election of Directors;  the report of the Trustees; and the report of the Board of Directors, on the fourth Tuesday in January, each year, at the hour of 6:30 p.m.; and for the same purposes on the fourth Tuesday in July.  If such meeting nights should fall on a legal or State holiday, the meeting shall be moved to the following night.

A.    The report of the Board of Trustees shall be as prescribed in Article IV, Section IV. H.   

B.    The report of the Board of Directors shall include a Blalance shet as of the last day of the preceeding month; an Operating statement of Profit and Loss for the six months then ended, and a Statement of Application of Funds for the same period.  All statements shall be published in sufficient quantity to insure copies for all members present, and shall be certified by the President and the Secretary.

Section II.    The Club shall hold general membership meetings, on the fourth Tuesday of April and October annually, for the purpose of transacting Club business; changes to the Club by-laws; changes to House Rules, and such other items of interest as the membership deems pertinent.   

Section III.    Special meetings of the members, of the Board of Directors, and the Board of Trustees may be called at any time by the Presidents of the Board of Directos; by the Chairman of the Board of Trustees, or at the written request of at least one-fifth of the members in good standing.   

Section IV.    Notices of all election meetings, and all special meetings, shall be mailed to each member in good standing at least seven (7) days before such meeting.  No notice need be mailed for the April and October business meetings.

Section V.    At all meetings of the Club, a simple majority of the members in good standing, voting "Aye" shall be sufficient for the adoption of proposals.   

Section VI.    Notification must be given to members in advance, to change or add to these By-laws.