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Section I.    The Board of Trustees shall consist of four (4) members.

Section II.    The Board of Trustees shall be selected from Alano Club members who have been in good standing for five consecutive years or more.

Section III.    Trustees shall be selected for a term of four (4) years.  At the first regular meeting of the Board of Directors, following adoption of these by-laws, they shall select four (4) eligible trustees.  The trustees shall elect their tenure as to 1, 2, 3, or 4 years.  One trustee shall be selected at Directors meeting following the first full year of service, and one trustee selected annually each year thereafter.

Section IV.    Duties and Responsibilities:

A.    The Chairman of the Board of Trustees shall be the Trustee serving his last year in office.

B.    The Board of Trustees shall be responsible directly to the membership and shall not be servitor to the Board of Directors.

C.    The Board of Trustees shall hold all deeds, chattels, mortgages, non-operating or reserve funds, and all other physical assets for the purposes of safekeeping for the membership.

D.    The Board of Trustees shall hold all assets of the Club in safe keeping by insuring against fire, theft, liability, and any other catastrophe or danger deemed necessary by the Board of Trustees.   

E.    The Board of Trustees shall hold meetings at the time and place they choose, but must meet at least once annually within one month prior to the election when one trustee may be replaced.

F.    The Board of Trustees muct have all four members present to vote on any proposition, and three affirmative votes are required to pass on a proposition.  In case one member is not capable of acting the Board of Directors must be called together to select a replacement Trustee.   

G.    The Board of trustees shall maintain minutes of all their meeting, and be subject to review by the membership.   

H.    The Board of Trustees will report to the membership their finding of the financial condition of the club, the fiscal policies of the Board of Directors, and any other information they deem to be of interest to the membership, at each semi-annual meeting, prior to the election of the new board of directors..   

I.    The Board of Trustees is empowered to call special meetings of the membership, and is required to do so, if such matters of concern to the Board dictate the need for such a meeting. (See Article XI Section III).

Section V.    Recall of any Trustee or group of Trustees or the entire Board of Trustees may be achomplished at any membership business meeting, or special meeting, by a vote of two-thirds (2/3) of the members present and voting.