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Section I.    The Board of Directors shall consist of seven (7) members and five directors shall constitute a quorum at any director's meeting.   

Section II.    Teh Directors shall be elected ar the semi-annual meetings as specified in the Organization Affadavit as follows:  For the first year, four for the term of 6 months and three for the term of one year, and four or three each six months thereafter, as teh case may be, for the term of one year.  Their term of office shall begin immediately after election.  Vacancies in the Board of Directors shall be filled by  the directors remaining in office, though less than a quorum, and such a member so appointed shall hold office until his successor is elected.   

Section III.    The Board of Directors shall select four (4) qualified members to act as a Board of Trustees.  This selection shall take place at the first board meeting following the first General Membership meeting in 1979 as directed in Article IV, Section III   

Section IV.    The Board shall appoint and remove all agents, and employees of the club, and shall prescribe their duties and fix the terms of their tenue and employment.   

Section V.    The Board of Directors shall have the powerd to conduct, manage, and control the affairs and business of the club, and to make rules no inconsistant with the laws of the State of Utah for the guidence of the officers and management of the affairs corporation.   

Section VI.    The Board of Directors shall have the power to incur indebtedness, but not to mortgage Club properties or assests, or to obligate the Club in excess of 90 days, without the concurrence of the Board of Trustees.  The terms and amounts of such indebtedness shall be entered in the minutes of the Board.  Any notes, mortgages or chattels signed officially by the president and the secretary shall be binding upon the corporation, and shall be reported to the Board of Trustees.   

Section VII.    The Board of Directors shall appoint three (3) individuals from their own Board, or from qualified members, for the purpose of signing checks.  Two signatures will be required on all checks drawn on the Alano Club checking account.