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Certificate of membership shall be of such form and device as the Board of Directors may elect, and each certificate shall be signed by the President and countersigned by the Secretary, date of issuance and teh person to whom it is issued, and shall bear the corporate seal of the Club, and shall contain a statement, printed in clear type, that the corporation is not for profit.



Section I.     There shall be no lifetime membership in said Club and no person shall become a life member thereof.

Section II.    membership shall be limited to those individuals who freely admit to be alcoholic, and swear to have been completely sober for a period of thirty (30) days.

Section III.    The Privileges of voting shall belong to all members in good standing for a period of 90 days.  The privilege of holding office shall belong to all members in good stadning for a period of six (6) months.  The privilege of serving as a Trustee shall belong to all members in good standing for a period of five (5) years.  Election of Officers shall be by secret ballot.  Each member shall be entitled to one vote, and no one shall be permitted to vote by proxy.  Cumulative voting shall be and is prohibited.   

Section IV.    Application for membership may be made to any officer or employee of the Club.  The Board of Directors shall be responsible to review each application and shall approve or reject membership based on their knowledge or evidence presented.n  Appeals of rejection may be made by the applicant or his/her representative to the general membership at the next regularly scheduled business meeting.

Section V.    The Board of Directors shall have power to fix initiation fees and annual dues for membership as may appear in the best interest of the Club, and may change same from time to time as circumstances, in their oppinion, dictate.

Section VI.    No one shall be elected to honorary membership.

Section VII.    A courtesty card may be issued to introduce the Club to prospective members.  Such a card does not carry voting privileges or right to membership.   

Section VIII.    Any member who drinks any alcoholic beverages shall forfeit his/her membership and any prepaid dues.  The right of appeal for such forfeiture shall be to the Board of Directors.

Section IX.    A member whoese dues become delinquent for a period of sixty (60) days shall forfeit membership.  He/she may be reinstated by paying a reinstatement fee, determined by the Board of Directors provided he/she has not been disqualified for other causes.  (See section XI below)  Any reinstatement shall be as a new member.   

Section X.    In the case of hardship, the man or woman, such as teh case may be, can state such a case at any Board meeting, decision will be up to the Directors.  Out-of-towner's and members called away may take a withdrawl and upon return, be a member in good standing.   

Section XI.    The Board of Directors shall have summary power by vote of a majority of its members, to suspend or to expel and terminate the membership of any member for conduct which the Board interprets to be detrimental to the Club.  Appeal shall be limited as in Section VIII above.