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August 10, 2010

Regular Board Meeting Ogden Alano Club

Board Present: Kelly, Tonya, Teresa, Heidi, Tony, Cecile

Trustees Present: Kevin, Andy

Minutes: Cecile             

Profit/Loss Report: Tonya

Kelly opened meeting. A moment of silence was suggested by Cecile. Observed.

Cecile read the minutes from the previous meeting and stated she was not in a position to accept minutes as written. Tony made a motion to accept the minutes with an amendment of in the future that the minutes are written in a more precise manner. Motion seconded by Andy and unanimously accepted. PASSED

Tonya read the profit and loss report. Motion to accept by Tonya; seconded by Tony and PASSED. .

18 September  Tony and Elizabeth Commit to Membership Drive

Paid Club Members:  May 77,  June 107,  July 95

Andy presented the Bingo Report:: CD cashed in for $3001.44. Trustees voted and took this action . Money went to the Cactus Bingo for supplies, etc. ($1000.00 went to Bingo. $2000.00 went to Bring up to current for operations.)  In total it brought the balance to $2400.00 for current needs.

Seana thanks the trustees for making this occur and to allow the account to come back to standard. Tonya made motion to accept this/Tony seconds/ ACCEPTED


Tony discussed upcoming event: BIRTHDAY BASH:

Earl is committed to 80 Hamburgers

Larry will agree to bring 20 Brats

Polly is donating mugs

Still need 34”plywood and volunteers to help with building Platform Teresa will help with prizes for the kids.

Todd in charge of Dunk Tank…Kelly asked of liability issues/Tony has release forms; NO usage of blue can at senior center for general trash....bring our own. Kelly and Seana agree to Cleanup crew. Tonya-Money; Still needed for membership booth and Raffle table. Johnny Walker to help with platform ? Golden hours provide electric? Cecile will check on water and electric. Club and Cecile will bring garbage cans.  Raffle 11:15-11:30

Jay Seay Donated $50.00 on the spot towards cost defray of Birthday bash needs.

Evening speaker Doug Y….7:30-8:30 Dance Following

Bill M Resigned from board need replacement. Tonya motioned to table. Andy requests to include Ian in discussion.  Agreed.

Discussion of “what is Alano club and how do we advertise. “

Andy-30 day cards and take to meetings/offer to newcomers; Seana presented “new revised version of “What is the Alano Club”/ Elizabeth suggested rewording.


Yard Sale August 28th.

Still need advertising….Free from Volunteers, Free on KSL Check on Big Nickel etc. Kelly to help Tony.

Saturday night Kitchen –Cecile commits to keep kitchen open from 9-10:30ish; willing to sign liability/WC release; Motioned, Seconded and Passed

Teresa presented Second Chance Closet Idea; Discussion of liability issues; 25 cents to be a member?; Need consistent hours; new lock.    Motioned to allow Teresa to take it forward, Seconded and Passed

Elizabeth discussion of new web page  with which she brought flyers: Cecile offers thanks on behalf of club for the efforts Elizabeth has made. Eliabeth addresses possibility of bringing in WIFI which will occur for free with Routers. Motion to table discussion by Heidi; Kelly Seconds

Motion to close meeting…Accepted.

Next board meeting September 14, 2010

Closed Board Meeting Result

Ian moved from Alternate board member to Current:  Motioned/Seconded and Accepted